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CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! ...The 'Sunny Load' - 20 individual Eco logs bags (200kg)

Eco logs - ready to burn with maximum heat output!


A ‘Sunny load’ consists of 20 individual plastic bags* of Eco Logs, with a total weight of 200kg, delivered in a dumpy bag. Each individual bag weights 10kg and contains 5 Eco Logs (2kg/log). So, a load is equal to 200kg worth of Eco Logs. Total of 100 logs (2kg/each).

* While we are awaiting our supplier’s paper bag machine, logs will come in plastic bags. In the meanwhile, please do recycle the individual plastic bags at a soft plastic recycling station. There is one situated at the exit at the at Tesco’s on Southampton road and at Tesco’s on Castle Street. .

Logs are cut into 25-26 cm length but easy to break into smaller chunks. We recommend to break one log into 2-4 chunks depending on the size of your stove. The moisture content is constant and low < 12% and certified ‘Ready to Burn’ to comply with the DEFRA clean air act.

The hole in the Eco logs is part of the design, it aids airflow which improves the consistent burning performance.

The Eco logs guarantees a very hot, clean and slow burn. However, you need to prepare a good kindling fire before you add them onto your stove (see Q&A). 

Eco logs, best climate smart heating option for your wood-burner!

Eco logs compared to Kiln Dried (KD) Logs

Our Eco logs are:

  • more compact, dry, clean and economical than KD logs
  • Briquettes have a high calorific value: 5,5kWh/kg (compared to 4.4-4.7kWh/kg for KD Oak)
  • The moisture content is <12%, and are Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn certified’
  • Consistent in size, weight, moisture content and burn time
  • Easy to handle, stack and store – they need a waterproof store. 
  • Made from recycled waste wood from local British sawmills from sustainably managed UK FSC ® certified forests
  • Guaranteed to produce more heat for less money than KD logs
  • Manufacturing process uses their own generated renewable energy
  • Very low ash – ash can be used as a nutritious fertilizer 😉

Really, no brainer to try them out, you will get used to them, and love them!

Possible ‘inconvenience’ with Eco logs:

They need to be kept in a dry place, preferable a garage or a water-proof log store. They might not have the same lovely smell and aesthetic appearance as traditional logs…But we are sure you will get over that when you remind yourself about the environmental and burning advantages it has compared to traditional logs 😉


Our kindling is great quality and locally made of recycled wood! It has been split into thin pieces and has been kiln dried locally. Perfect to prepare that hot kindling fire needed to get the Eco-briquettes going! Just add bags to your order! You can choose from 1, 3 or 6 large net bags. A net weighs around 5kg.


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Dumpy Bag containing 20 Eco Briquettes bags

Dumpy bags varies in dimensions but approx.  foot print of 75cm*75cm*75cm

20 individual paper bags of Eco logs of 10kg each. Total weight 200kg. Each bag contains 5 logs of 2kg each which should be broken down to smaller chunks.

Standard Log Lengths

26cm – break down to desired size to fit your appliance.

Moisture Content

Guaranteed < 12%


See Sustainability section. Eco logs made in the UK from compressed waste sawdust, no what so ever additives. Sourced in UK FSC managed forests.

Sunny Logs provides free delivery for Salisbury and its surroundings within 10 miles. Have a look at the map to see if you are counted in! There is a delivery charge of £15 if between 10-15 miles outside Salisbury. Please email directly if you live outside our operating area. We aim to have all orders delivered as quick as we can, but this process can take up to 6 working days. Your wood burner shouldn’t be without wood for too long! Please note there can be exceptions during busy periods (e.g. Christmas) – make sure to order early to avoid disappointment.

In the checkout you can select one of 2 delivery options: Free Standard delivery or Booked delivery.

Standard Delivery

Your Sunny Bag will be delivered between 9am – 6pm (including weekends), within 6 working days. This service is free.

Nominated Day PM Delivery

This is a chargeable delivery option of £15 where the client can choose a weekday delivery date. We will make sure your Sunny Bag will be delivered on the selected date. A minimum of 2 working days’ notice is required for this delivery option. Please notify your desired date in the comment ‘box’  when ordering.

Kerbside Delivery (For All Deliveries)

Please note the driver will not call you but you will receive an email prior to the delivery. Sunny logs operate kerbside delivery, this means that the delivery will be left outside of your property (kerbside) or ‘nearest accessible point’ and you will be required to collect from there. However, if the driver can and have time he will do his best to place your Sunny bag at a more convenient place at your premises. Leave any specific delivery instructions in the “delivery comment box” at the ordering page. Please ensure that you provide a contactable phone number. This is a delivery service without signature, so you don’t need to be at home.  By default, if no-one is present the driver will leave your order in a safe place where possible. Sunny Logs are not liable should anything happen to your order after delivery.

The bags are lowered from the van via a crane at the rear. We will only be able to position the bags to a place where we can access with the rear of the van. The crane cannot lift goods over fences, walls or hedges. It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery point is suitable for delivery as per these instructions! Please email us if you are unsure at Your Sunny Load of eco logs will be delivered in a dumpy bag, the footprint of which is 0.87m x 0.87m and the height 0.87m. In the event of a delivery not being possible due to no access or there not being a safe place to leave the goods, a re-delivery charge of £20 will be made.