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Welcome to Sunny Logs - NOW HAVING A SEASONAL BREAK!

Premium Kiln Dried Firewood Supplier

Sunny Logs is a local family business (women led!) who supply quality firewood in the Salisbury area. Kiln dried Oak logs, that’s pretty much the best wood fuel you can get!


We have been active in the wood burning industry for over 10 years; Does “Heart of the Home Ltd.” woodburner installations ring a bell?

Yes, that’s us – just expanding our adventures with our dog Sunny.

Trust us, we know the kind of wood that burns best in your stove to guarantee blazing heat output and ultimate satisfaction!

The Perfect Sunny Bag!

Kiln Dried Oak bag with Free Delivery –

We like to keep it simple, and we are proud to present our one and only product “the Sunny Bag”; just a more fancy name for the commonly called a ”Builders bag”, ”Ton bag” or “Dumpy bag”! The Sunny Bag consists of oak logs, kiln dried for a very hot and slow burn and cut into 25cm length. That’s not all – Sunny Logs provide free delivery within 15 miles around Salisbury! Check out the map to see if we operate in your area. See Map. We are aware of many people are looking to save money by buying seasoned wood, but honestly we believe this is false economy to buy anything else than Kiln Dried hardwood! Did you know that a cubic meter of Kiln Dried wood is likely to produce TWICE as much heat as poorly seasoned wood. It would last you almost TWICE as long and therefore far better value for money! And most important, as it burns hot, it emits less particles helping to control air pollution…

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Cosy, sustainable and low-carbon – that’s the way forward!

Sustainability is important for us. We guarantee that all our wood comes from responsibly sourced state forests which are FSC certified. This means the forest is managed to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. These forests are always replanted and certain animals who live there are protected. Sunny logs are proud to offer a cosy, but also climate smart source of energy, “wood-energy” to help heating your house as an alternative to fossil fuel heating. A tree will absorb and store as much CO2 from the atmosphere to grow as it releases when it burns in your stove. This is a carbon neutral cycle. Sunny logs also support the woodland trust charity. We believe their work to conserve, protect and restore ancient woodland as well as planting new trees in crucial to ensure the preservation of our forests for future generations.

≲20% Moisture Content

Less moisture content * is the key to quality firewood and can be burnt immediately. They are also easier to set alight and produce less gas & smoke.

*compared to approximately 30% in seasoned firewood.

Energy Efficient

40% more energy per log on average as less energy is required to burn off moisture, leaving more energy to be converted into heat.

Cost Efficient

Kiln dry wood burn hotter, more efficiently and longer so you use less logs to achieve the same heat output as seasoned logs.

Stacked crates also maximises the amount of wood in a given volume, this highly increases the transport efficiency so you don’t pay for gaps (neither for water content).

Good For Chimneys - Less Maintenance

Kiln dried logs burn at higher temperatures, any water and sap retained in the wood are burned off, thus low in smoke. This will prevent an excess build-up of soot and tar in the flue which are costly to deal with and could cause chimney fires.

Environment Friendly

Wood responsibly sourced from FSC certified forests are a renewable energy resource. Kiln dried wood emits less smoke, hence less pollutants into the air than seasoned wood. It’s a better way to heat our homes compared to other fossil fuels.