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Kiln dried logs are the most efficient logs for wood burning stoves and open fires for the ultimate burn experience! Kiln dried logs are easy to light, burn longer and provide a maximum heat output.

The kiln drying process reduces the moisture content down to below an average of 20%. Our Sunny Logs are even drier  @ <15%!

Burning kiln dried logs produce less smoke and will prevent an excess build-up of soot or tar in the chimney or flue which could cause chimney fires. They also leave very little ash. REMEMBER to control your airflow on the stove to make the logs burn longer.

Not only is the kiln dried wood the most efficient and a better environmental choice, they are also great value for money! Because you get so much heat output, you will actually need less kiln dried logs than if you were to buy seasoned logs.

Buying poorly seasoned logs is definitely false economy!

Here’s an example; a cubic metre of kiln dried logs is likely to produce TWICE as much heat as poorly seasoned wood. In this instance the kiln dried wood would last you almost TWICE as long, therefore far better value for money.

The Government, in a bid to tackle increasing air pollution, the Government only wants dry logs with a moisture content of 20% or less to be available on the market by 2022.

Logs in the UK are traditionally sold in bulk bags or loose.

A Sunny bag is just a more fancy name for the commonly called a ”dumpys bag” or ”Ton bag”!

Keep in mind that a “ton bag” is a misleading name as a bag full of logs doesn’t weight a tonne (tons bag filled with sand weights a 1000kg…). However,  the Sunny Bag weighs about 220kg as it’s kiln dried hardwood and it can hold about 0.7m3 of loose logs.

Considering Sunny Logs only sell kiln dried oak logs – which will burn longer and hotter than seasoned logs – the Sunny Bag is GREAT VALUE for Money!

If you take a pile of loose logs and stack them tightly and neatly in your log store, the pile of stacked logs takes up considerably less space than the loose pile.

Suppliers often sell wood in loose m³. 1m³ of loose logs equates approximately 0.6m³ of stacked logs.

To convert from the stacked volume of logs to the loose volume (the UK measure) multiply the stacked volume by 1.7. This provides a useful indicator. The truth though is that with a naturally imprecise product like firewood, your loose volume is going to vary quite dramatically depending on the nature of the wood.

It all comes down to the internal moisture content of the logs, the drier the log the better the burn. Wood contains moisture (water) within the pores of wood and the moisture content is expressed as a % figure.

The more moisture in your wood the slower it burns, the more smoke and pollutants it gives off and the quicker it soots up your stove’s glass and chimney. All stove manufacturers recommends you to burn wood with a moisture content under 20%.

The Government, in a bid to tackle increasing air pollution, the Government only wants dry logs with a moisture content of 20% or less to be available on the market by 2022.  Sunny Logs are already ahead of the legislation!

Wood moisture content is a very subjective measure. Some suppliers will quote an external moisture content, some will quote an internal moisture content.

Wood is a live material, so moisture may be a bit different from log to log. Sunny Logs sells firewood with no more than 15% moisture content using an average measured in the following way:

Measurements form at least 6 logs from different crates. For each log, six measurements are made from; the outside, the inside, both ends and the middle.

Moisture content meters are available quite cheaply on Amazon if you would like to do the measuring yourself.

Note, we can guarantee <15% moisture content at the time of the delivery, but it is your responsibility to store the logs in a dry place to keep them at this moisture level. The current average level of the Sunny Logs are 12-13% humidity.

Another important factor when it comes to the heat output of logs are the density of the wood. The denser the wood the more calories it holds per cubic metre. Hardwood species such as oak, ash, elm, beech, birch etc. tend to be slower growing and the wood is more dense and heavy than softwoods.

It’s all about the weight, the average density of hardwoods is about 700kg per solid m3 whilst the average density of softwoods is about 500kg per solid m3. This means that you need about 1.35m3 of softwood to be the equivalent of 1m3 of hardwood, so you need about 30% more volume of softwood than hardwood for the same heat output.

That’s why Sunny Logs offers kiln dried hardwood!

Shortly, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your order (s) together with payment information. We only accept payment via BACS to Heart of the Home (Witls.) Ltd.

In order for us to prepare you order, please pay the total amount to the bank details from the confirmation email and we will prepare your delivery.

Email us at the earliest convenience if you need to change the delivery address or change the information you left in the delivery comment box or for any other enquiry.

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In the checkout you can select one of 2 delivery options:

Free Standard Delivery

You will receive your Sunny Bag between 9am-6pm (inclusive weekends), with a maximum of 6 working days, provided your order is received before 4pm on the first working day. We cannot tell you which delivery date or time but you will receive an email on the day your order will be delivered.

Booked in PM Option

This is a chargeable option (£15.00) where you can book to receive your Sunny Bag on a weekday between 12-6pm on the selected date. Please allow a minimum of 3 working days’ notice for this delivery option provided your order is received before 4pm on the first working day.

So, for example, if you order at 2pm Monday, the earliest date you could select to get delivered your Sunny Bag is on Wednesday afternoon.

Well, if you are in crises, email me and I’ll see what I can do!

If your selected date by any reasons would not be possible, we will let you now ASAP.

No, we operate a delivery without a signature service. By default, if no-one is present the driver will leave your order in a safe place where possible. Note that all our deliveries are treated as kerb side, this means that the delivery will be left outside of your property (kerbside) or ‘nearest accessible point’ and you will be required to collect from there.

However, if the driver can and have time he will do his best to place your Sunny Bag at a more convenient place at your premises. Leave any specific delivery instructions in the “delivery comment box” at the ordering page.

Sunny Logs are not liable should anything happen to your order after delivery.

However, if there are ever any issues with a delivery, please get in contact with us ASAP at

We would love to be able to deliver further away than 10 miles for free…but we are a small family business and as we have become very busy over last year, it’s hard to stretch ourselves more than this distance.

We do delivery up to 15 miles outside Salisbury for a £15 fee. Please email me to arrange this.

If you wish a delivery outside 10 miles radius, please get in touch by emailing to

Unfortunately not. It is the customer’s responsibility to unpack their order. We will do our best to deliver our products in a convenient location, subject to appropriate access and ground conditions. Where access or ground conditions are inappropriate the delivery will be made to ‘kerbside’ only.

This question is one of the most frequent and also the hardest to answer! It depends on lots of factors such as; the kilowatt output of your stove and its efficiency, house size, insulation of the house, weather conditions, how often you use the stove etc.

Let’s say you have a 5kw stove and use it evenings and weekends from say October to April, 3-5 Sunny bags should see you through the entire winter season. But again, this is a tough question depending on a lot of factors.

Our Kiln dried Oak logs are very high quality, probably the best you can get actually. They burn hot, and if you control the air flow on your stove they will kick out heat for very long too.

The logs must be kept dry. We will ask customers to leave a tarpaulin outside on the day of delivery for us to cover the bags. However, we do have spare covers if the customer forgets. The Sunny Bag will be covered by plastic sheet (trying to only use recycled plastic!) if weather forecast predicts rain, but this is not for long term storage outside. An odd shower is not going to affect them as the wood is dense enough not to absorb but exposure to wet weathers will cause the logs to deteriorate and ultimately decay. W

It’s practical if the storage area is not only close to the house and easy to take indoors, but also placed in a convenient place for unpacking the Sunny Bag once delivered.

The store needs to be dry, no wet weather should be able to get to the logs. The firewood needs to be stacked off the ground to avoid damp coming up through the logs. A pallet provides a really good base on which to stack logs. Make sure that all sides of the store are WELL VENTILATED to allow maximum airflow throughout the stack of logs.

The store needs a good roof. Avoid putting a sheet over the stack as it restricts airflow across the top of the stack and in warmer weather could lead to sweating and mould growth.

You can buy a Sunny Bag through out the cold month of the year (October to end of March)! As it’s kiln dried firewood we guarantee a low moisture content throughout this period and every season.

However, it’s a much easier to make delivery and fill your store when weather is drier and the days are longer in the beginning of Autumn. You probably agree with that it’s more pleasant to stack your logs away a dry autumn day, than struggling away in the dark evenings with a risk of rain or snow! Let’s reserve these cold and wet evenings to relax in front of the fire instead!

Hence having said this, still many people do run out of logs before Christmas. We do our best to deliver your Sunny Logs but we can’t exclude a slight chance delay. So even if it’s hot, try to remember to fill up your log before the cold months hits in.

We guarantee all our kiln dried hardwood comes from responsibly sourced forests within the EU. These forests are obviously FSC certified to meet the highest environmental and social standards. Therefore giving you peace of mind of your purchase quality standards.

Sunny logs are proud to offer a cosy, but also climate smart source of energy, ”wood-energy” to help heating your house as an alternative to fossil fuel heating.

A tree will absorb and store as much CO2 from the atmosphere to grow as it releases when it burns in your stove. This is a carbon neutral cycle.

We are proud to sell dry wood. Stove manufactures and chimney sweeps all recommended burning logs at 20% or less to reduce emission of particles! This limit will hopefully become law under the Clean air strategy due to come out soon!

Sunny logs also support the woodland trust charity. We believe their work to conserve, protect and restore ancient woodland as well as planting new trees in crucial to ensure the preservation of our forests for future generations.

Our delivery van, is rated as one of the most energy efficient vans. We do invite you to order multiple crates at the time and get a discount and to reduce our delivery carbon footprint.

On the 22nd May 2018 the Environment Secretary Michael Gove published a Clean Air Strategy which aims to cut air pollution and save lives, backed up through new primary legislation.

You might have heard that burning wood was going to be banned as it contributes 38%* of UK emissions of damaging particulate matter.

Rest assured DEFRA has clarified they will not ban stoves but unsurprisingly we need to respect some basic rules about what stove and wood we use!

Stove manufactures and chimney sweeps all recommended burning logs at 20% or less! This limit will become law under the Clean air strategy due in Feb 2021!

In 2022 new, tougher emissions standards will come into effect for all new domestic stoves  ensuring only the very cleanest stoves can be bought and installed.

In addition, people would be encouraged to only buy the cleanest fuels such dry wood.

Hence there is a sustainable future for the combination – “Cleaner stoves and dry wood”  as it would produce less smoke, less soot, more heat and emit fewer particulates.

Read more about the clean air strategy 2018 on :

Call or email us at the earliest convenience. We do not reimburse on split packaging as this will not affect the quality of the wood. We do make a photography of the Sunny Bag for each delivery and we keep this as a proof for two weeks.

Sunny Logs sells kiln dried firewood for heating purposes at reduced 5% VAT rate. If the firewood it is being bought for any other purposes, then a standard 20% VAT will be applied. It is the buyer’s responsibility to choose the product with the correct VAT rate that applies to them. For firewood purchases with 20% VAT, please email us. For more information, please visit HMRC’s website that explains this VAT legislation. Visit for more information.

We are really sorry to hear this. Your feedback is very important to us. Please do email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Sunny Logs we’ll do all we can to provide a solution that’s 100% to your satisfaction.

For further details please consult our Delivery and Terms and Conditions.