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Whilst you may think you need traditional logs to enjoy relaxing in front of your fire or cooking up a pizza in a traditional oven that’s not the case. Eco briquettes or Eco logs bring many benefits and can be used can be used on a wide range of solid fuel appliances including; open fires, fire pits, wood/multi fuel burning stoves and log boilers!

Simply said, Eco briquettes are much hotter, cleaner, longer burning and more economical than traditional logs.

The impressiveness of Eco briquettes comes down to pure physics. The briquette is manufactured by drying out natural waste wood chips and then compress them into briquettes at extremely high pressure (process called densification) without any additives what so ever.

The result is briquettes of high calorific value that hold their shape and burn long and hot. A dry, dense briquette has better burning properties than a traditional log!

Our Eco Briquettes are also the most sustainable option, it’s recycled virgin wood residue from British sawmill activity. All wood comes from sustainably managed UK forests and is FSC certified. This means less wood waste is going to landfill and that trees are not having to be felled specifically to make firewood!

Generally speaking, a single good quality, compressed Eco log is the equivalent of three or four traditional logs.

In the same way Kiln dried logs are more efficient than seasoned logs (lower moisture content) Eco briquettes are more efficient than Kiln dried logs due to their extreme low moisture content and compactness.

Funky fact!

For your assurance, while we were looking for UK manufactures of Eco-briquettes, staff working for national fuel suppliers did confess their preference…, they had the choice between burning eco briquettes and logs…and none of them would ever go back to burning logs!

Not only are the eco briquettes the most efficient and a better environmental choice, they are also great value for money! Because you get so much heat output, you will actually need less eco logs than if you were to buy traditional logs.

Eco logs produce less smoke and will prevent build-up of soot or tar in the chimney or flue which could cause chimney fires. REMEMBER to control your airflow on the stove to make the logs burn longer.

Eco logs compared to Kiln Dried (KD) Logs

Our Eco logs are:

  • more compact, dry, clean and economical than KD logs
  • Briquettes have a high calorific value: 5.5kWh/kg (compared to 4.5-4.7kWh/kg for KD Oak)
  • The moisture content is <12%, and are Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn certified’
  • Consistent in size, weight, moisture content and burn time
  • Easy to handle, stack and store – BUT needs a waterproof store
  • Made from recycled waste wood from local British sawmills from sustainably managed UK FSC ® certified forests
  • Guaranteed to produce more heat for less money than KD logs
  • Manufacturing process uses their own generated renewable energy
  • Very low ash – ash can be used as a nutritious fertilizer 😉

Possible ‘inconvenience’ with Eco logs:

They need to be kept in a dry place, preferable a garage or a water-proof log store. They might not have the same lovely smell and good looking appearance as a real oak log…We are sure you will get over that when you remind yourself about the environmental and burning advantages it has compared to traditional logs 😉



Eco logs packs in the UK are usually sold in bags of 10kg (or sometimes 5, 15 or 20kg) containing between 5 to 12 logs depending on the briquette type.

To be clear, 5 briquettes per 10kg pack or 12 briquettes per 10kg pack; it’s the same energy! 5 briquettes at 2kg each will last as long as 12 briquettes at 0.8kg each.

We have decided to work with 10kg paper bags of 5 eco-briquettes in each (2kg/log) 😉

We sell ‘Sunny Load(s)’ which consists of 20 individual paper bags of eco logs that comes in a ”dumpy bag”! So, a load is equal to 200kg worth of eco logs. Total of 100 logs (2kg/each).

The hole in the Eco logs is part of the design, it aids airflow which improves the consistent burning performance.

The Eco Logs are cut into 25-26cm length, but easy to break into smaller chunks. We recommend to break one log into 2-4 chunks (see ‘break your eco briquette’ question).  The moisture content is constant and low < 12% and certified ‘Ready to Burn’ to comply with the DEFRA clean air act.

Sunny Logs’ Eco logs have a higher calorific output than ‘natural logs’ and will burn longer and hotter than even KD logs – The impressiveness of briquettes comes down to pure physics. A dry, dense briquette has better burning properties than a traditional log!

Therefore, the Sunny Load is GREAT VALUE for Money and best of all, a smart climate choice for your wood burner!

We are delighted and proud to say that our manufacturer of eco logs is exceptionally environmentally friendly – even carbon negative! We can guarantee these belongs to the most climate smart heating logs, if not the best, on the market.

Our manufacture is UK based and committed to produce products beneficial to the environment. The Eco logs are made from 100% virgin wood residue from British sawmill activity. All the wood comes from sustainably managed UK forests and is FSC certified.

To show their transparency by using a technique known as Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) to assess their environmental impact associated with all the stages of the manufacturing of their products (from raw material extraction or harvesting through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling).

Paper bags rather than non recyclable Plastic bags 

Our manufacturer is currently investing in a paper bag packaging machine! This is fantastic news!  From next season, we will only purchase paper bags rather than plastic bags. In the meanwhile, please do recycle the individual plastic bags at a soft plastic recycling station. There is one situated at the exit at the at Tesco’s on Southampton road and at Tesco’s on Castle Street.

Renewable energy for their manufacturing sites: Not only do they generate all the electricity they need to run all of their sites; they actually create enough to sell some back to the local grid as well. In fact, in 2021/22 they anticipate to exported enough electricity to power around 5000 homes.


Over 90% of our manufacture’s raw material comes from Sawmills within 40 miles of their drying and manufacturing plants. Not only does this keep their carbon footprint to a minimum, but they don’t have any reliance on high carbon footprint, and in some cases, unsustainable, imported timber.

Low moisture content

Eco logs are at less than 12% moisture. Now that Ready To Burn legislation prevents wet wood from being sold, briquettes are more convenient than ever. That’s because they’re dry and consistent. Eco briquettes will keep your chimney soot-free and will hardly leave any ash.

Locally made Kindling

Sunny Logs has teamed up with a local Wiltshire based manufacturer of kindling made using recycled pallets. Best sustainable solution 😉

Most of the time commercial kindling is manufactured using trees which have been specifically felled to make the kindling. That applies to all foreign imports and 90% of the UK product.

Woodlands trust supporters

Sunny logs also support the woodland trust charity. We believe their work to conserve, protect and restore ancient woodland as well as planting new trees in crucial to ensure the preservation of our forests for future generations.

Our delivery van, is rated as one of the most energy efficient vans. We do invite you to order multiple loads at the time,  get a discount and to reduce our delivery carbon footprint.

Sunny Logs has teamed up with a local Wiltshire based manufacturer of kindling made using recycled pallets. Kindling is of best quality, kiln dried and split into thin pieces. It comes in a large net bag, weight approx. 5kg.

Actually, almost all kindling, other than that made on a small scale by local traders, is manufactured using trees which have been specifically felled to make the kindling. That applies to all foreign imports and 90% of the UK product.

We compare calorific value in terms of kilowatt hours per tonne (kWh/tonne) as this enables an easy comparison to be made with other heating fuels, such as coal, gas and oil.

As a rough guide depending on moisture content and tree species, seasoned hardwood logs have a calorific value of around 4kWh/kg (14.5MJ/kg), kiln dried oak logs has a calorific vale of approx 4.5/4.7kWh/kg (16.5-17MJ/kg) whilst our Eco briquettes have a calorific value of 5.5 kWh/kg or 19.8MJ/Kg

(Note: 5,000kWh/tonne is the same as 5kWh/kg.)

Calorific value measures heat output.

The average burn time for a single Eco log is 90 minutes in a wood burner. However this might vary, the type of appliance you use will determine the burn time, i.e. an open fire will burn quicker than a wood burning stove because the air vents on the stove can be controlled.

E.g : Burning time in a small 4kW wood burner;  One eco briquette split into 3, each one would burn for around 30 mins.


The eco logs will slightly expand while burning, and they get very very hot, this is why we highly recommend to break them down into smaller chunks (2 to 4 depending on the size of stove) and not adding too many chunks the first time you use them. The load and size of chunks will vary from stove to stove but you will quickly figure out many and what size of chunks you need in your stove or open fire for that blazing fire ;).

There are several ways to break our eco logs.

If you are strong 😉 you can break a log in two with your hands (bending it), and help of a knee. Be aware that this method could also create splinters…so we would recommend to:

  • break down the logs by holding one eco log down on a firm surface, such as a concrete path or yard. Use a second eco log to strike down on the first and, after a few hits, this should break the first log down into smaller chunks.
  • using a firm edge to break your eco log

By breaking down the eco logs you can fit more manageable pieces into your appliance – regardless of its size – the logs can expand with the heat.

As described above, you need to break the eco briquette into 2 to 4 smaller chunks.

You need to get a proper kindling fire going, this would be sufficient to get a chunk of briquette going. The fire would then be hot enough to add further chunks as required.

Use our local quality kindling for this 😉

Due to extremely low moisture content, briquettes should always be stored in a dry place without direct contact with moisture they can be stored in garages or a waterproof log store. 

For environmental reasons we will only sell logs in paper bags*, one down side is that paper bags obviously not cope as well as plastic in outside storage. But it’s worth the effort, Sunny Logs absolutely don’t want to be adding 20 big non recyclable plastic bags per load/client…that would be a lot of plastic for a season! Wiltshire council do not have any recycling scheme for this type of plastic either….

We will ask customers to leave a tarpaulin outside on the day of delivery for us to cover the bags. However, we do have spare covers if the customer forgets (trying to only use recycled plastic!) and if weather forecast predicts rain, but this is not for long term storage outside.

The Eco logs will deteriorate and loose their performance if not kept dry! Place your eco logs delivery in a waterproof and damp free place as soon as possible after delivery.

The store needs to be dry, keep the logs in their package until you use them. No wet weather should be able to get to the packages and they should to be placed off the ground to avoid damp coming up.

DO store your briquettes in:

  • Watertight shed
  • Dry garage
  • Porch or conservatory
  • Inside house
  • Dry outbuildings
  • Some plastic garden stores, as long as they are watertight

DO NOT store your briquettes in:

  • Traditional log stores
  • Uncovered, outdoor areas
  • Buildings that are damp or have high humidity levels

Traditional log stores are open or vented. This is because logs require airflow around them to keep them dry. Briquettes are already dry and if they are exposed to moisture they will start to expand, making them useless for burning.

A damp briquette will just turn back into sawdust!


*We are awaiting our manufacturers new paper bag machine, in the meanwhile we will use plastic bags but I have set up a special recycling scheme for these plastic bags. I’m asking customers to return the plastic bags at next delivery or if I’m out collecting 😉

It all comes down to the internal moisture content of the logs, the drier the log the better the burn. Wood contains moisture (water) within the pores of wood and the moisture content is expressed as a % figure.

Eco briquettes have a water content (guarantee <12 %) way lower than traditional and even KD logs.  By comparison, moisture levels for seasoned logs can vary a lot depending on for how long they have been seasoned. It can be anything form 18 to 30%! Kiln Dried logs should have a moisture content below 20%.

The more moisture in your wood the slower it burns, the more smoke and pollutants it gives off and the quicker it soots up your stove’s glass and chimney.

Generally, the drier the better. Combustion goes to generate heat rather than to drive off moisture before the fuel can start producing heat for you.

However, dry but poorly compacted briquettes burn too fast. Although they’re often cheap, it’s poor value compared to densely compacted but necessarily more expensive briquettes.

The new legislation and all stove manufacturers recommends you to burn wood with a moisture content under 20%.

Note, we can guarantee the Eco log packs are <12% moisture content at the time of the delivery, but it is your responsibility to store the logs in a dry place to keep them at this moisture level.

100% virgin wood residue from British sawmill activity –  ‘nothing else’.

These residues are the pieces of the tree that are left after manufacturing such items such as decking boards and fence posts, that are unsuitable for further production. The chip is graded on arrival and unsuitable chip is rejected. The eco briquettes doesn’t contain any additives (to assist burning) or binders (to assist compaction). All our briquettes are held together by the natural lignin released from the wood under intense compaction pressure.

Remember: if the wood content is dry enough, you do not need additives to assist burning. And if the heat log is highly compressed, you don’t need to add binders. So, a good quality briquette will not have and will not need any additives.

Shortly, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your order (s) together with payment information. We only accept payment via BACS to Heart of the Home (Witls.) Ltd.

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We would love to be able to deliver further away than 10 miles for free…but we are a small family business and as we have become very busy over last year, it’s hard to stretch ourselves more than this distance.

We do delivery up to 15 miles outside Salisbury for a £15 fee. Please email me to arrange this.

If you wish a delivery outside 10 miles radius, please get in touch by emailing to

Unfortunately not. It is the customer’s responsibility to unpack their order. We will do our best to deliver our products in a convenient location, subject to appropriate access and ground conditions. Where access or ground conditions are inappropriate the delivery will be made to ‘kerbside’ only.

This question is one of the most frequent and also the hardest to answer! It depends on lots of factors such as; the kilowatt output of your stove and its efficiency, house size, insulation of the house, weather conditions, how often you use the stove etc.

Let’s say you have a 5kw stove and use it evenings and weekends from say October to April, 3-5 Sunny loads should see you through the entire winter season. But again, this is a tough question depending on a lot of factors.

Our Eco logs are very high quality and burn hot, and if you control the air flow on your stove they will kick out heat for very long too.

You can buy a Sunny load through out the cold month of the year (October to end of March)! As it’s Eco logs, we guarantee a low moisture content throughout this period and every season.

Hence having said this, still many people do run out of logs before Christmas. We do our best to deliver your Sunny Logs but we can’t exclude a slight chance delay. So even if it’s hot, try to remember to fill up your log before the cold months hits in.

On the 22nd May 2018 the Environment Secretary Michael Gove published a Clean Air Strategy which aims to cut air pollution and save lives, backed up through new primary legislation.

The Government, in a bid to tackle increasing air pollution, the Government new legislation only allows dry logs with a moisture content of maximum 20% to be available on the market by 2022. Our Eco logs are at less than 12% moisture 😉 !

You might have heard that burning wood was going to be banned as it contributes 38%* of UK emissions of damaging particulate matter. Rest assured DEFRA has clarified they will not ban stoves but unsurprisingly we need to respect some basic rules about what stove and wood we use!

In 2022 new, tougher emissions standards will come into effect for all new domestic stoves ensuring only the very cleanest stoves can be bought and installed.

In addition, people would be encouraged to only buy the cleanest fuels such dry wood or even better eco logs!

Hence there is a sustainable future for the combination – “Cleaner stoves and dry fuel”  as it would produce less smoke, less soot, more heat and emit fewer particulates.

Call or email us at the earliest convenience. We do not reimburse on split packaging as this will not affect the quality of the wood. We do make a photography of the Sunny Load for each delivery and we keep this as a proof for two weeks.

Sunny Logs sellsEco logs for heating purposes at reduced 5% VAT rate. If the fuel it is being bought for any other purposes, then a standard 20% VAT will be applied. It is the buyer’s responsibility to choose the product with the correct VAT rate that applies to them. For eco logs purchases with 20% VAT, please email us. For more information, please visit HMRC’s website that explains this VAT legislation. Visit for more information.

We are really sorry to hear this. Your feedback is very important to us. Please do email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Sunny Logs we’ll do all we can to provide a solution that’s 100% to your satisfaction.

For further details please consult our Delivery and Terms and Conditions.